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Our history

We preserve a cultural heritage


Stranda has a long and rich industrial heritage. In recent years, we have experienced tremendous growth in our food processing industry, unparalleled in other parts of Norway. For hundreds of years our ancestors have used salting, smoking and icing of fish and meat as common conservation methods extending product shelf life. These methods have been refined and perfected throughout the years and have now become the basis of industrial production. Despite having only 3,500 inhabitants our community is able to produce more than NOK 3,5 billion in value per year! That translates to an impressive NOK 1,0 Mill per inhabitant. More than 1000 individuals are employed in the food and related industries at Stranda. The importance of this kind of production is so ingrained in us that our local High School has an industrial food processing department where our adolescents learn the basics of our industry and traditions. Also, The Norwegian Food Safety Authorities have one of their regional offices here.

Strandaskinke is well known all over the country as being the no. 1 choice of ham. Ham from Stranda is Norway's answer to Parma ham from Italy and Serrano ham from Spain, an excellent example of the stewarship of our heritage.

After many years of producing SMOKED SALMON from the cold and clear rivers of the famous Storfjorden and Geirangerfjorden (now on Unesco's World Heritage list), as well as excellent pound net fishing in our fjords, the processing of salmon products boomed upon the commercializing of farmed salmon in the early 1980's.

Pioneers in farming and pioneers in salting and smoking of fish and meat combined their skills, and that was the beginning of the Norsk Sjomat AS you know today; exporting to almost 40 countries, with more than 300 employees and a group turnover of almost 3 billion NOK.

And we have only just begun...