Norsk Sjømat has participated in Conxemar, a organize conference with seminars and training sessions.

Conxemar 2018

Conxemar, the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of fish products and Aquaculture is consolidated as an essential instrument in uniting the frozen food sector

Annually, the Association organizes its International Frozen Seafood Exhibition (CONXEMAR). It takes place in Vigo, an important fishing port in Europe and serves as the meeting point for the entire processing branch, distributors, importers and exporters of frozen seafood products. Since its inauguration in 1999, it has grown steadily in visitors and exhibitors.

The 6th edition of the World CONXEMAR-FAO Congress, to be held in Vigo in October 1st, will bring top speakers at World level to review and analyse the current status of the fishery stocks, the evolution of the demand in the major international markets and the sustainability of the fishing grounds.

World top experts will participate at the event, high representatives of the OECD, United Nations, World Trade Organization, FAO and top executives from the private sector.

The Congress will again bring together nearly 400 attendees; scientists, academia, NGOs, institutions, Government representatives, associations and top professionals of companies worldwide, at an event that has become a World reference for all the stakeholders.

In October 2nd, CONXEMAR and FAO will celebrate the VI edition of the World Congress, that this year will be focused on Climate Change and its effects on fisheries, aquaculture and trade. World renowned experts, scientists, fisheries authorities from the main producing countries worldwide and top executives will analyse the impact of climate change on the most important species in the market and also what measures shall be implemented to mitigate them.

The increase of the oceans temperature and salinity is one of the key factors that is influencing both the behavior and availability of the fishery resources, a challenge for the industry at a global level given the estimations of a growing seafood demand and a increasing world population.

These issues will be widely addressed and debated during the Congress.

More Facts
Show type:International trade fair
First year of expo:1999
Products / Sectors:Frozen products, Wholesale, Import, Export,
Processing industry, Manufacturing, Distributing,
Coldstores, Machinery, Auxiliary industry, Aquaculture
Open to: Trade visitors
Expo Website:www​.conx​e​mar​.com