The Transparancy Act came in to force in Norway in 2022. The purpose of the law is to advance the companies respect for foundational human rights and decent working conditions when producing products and services. The transparency act is in force through the supply chain to ensure both the company and their suppliers promotes human rights and decent working conditions for their employees.

Norsk Sjømat Stranda AS will work actively to fullfill the transparency act. As a foundation we already require our suppliers to adhere to our companies’ ethical guidelines. In autumn 2022 Norsk Sjømat Stranda AS completed SMETA 4 pillar audit to ensure labour standards are followed, health and safety in the company is sufficient and that the company is in line with relevant business ethics and environment standards.

We continue the work of implementation of the Transparancy act and is currently in the process of completing due diligence assessment of all branches of our supply chain. We are carrying out this process in accordance with the OECD Due Dilligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Norsk Sjømat Stranda AS guidelines:


The company will respect the minimum age of employment set by local law. As a minimum

according to the International Labour organisation (ILO) a minimum of 15 years for normal work, 13 years for very light work and 18 years for hazardous work will apply.


The company shall protect and maintain the human rights of all employees according to the United Nations declaration of human rights and ensure all suppliers do the same.


The company will uphold legal requirements for wages, overtime pay and working hours as required in law and collective bargaining agreement with the union. Decisions regarding normal working hours, allowed overtime and required time off from work shall be in accordance with legal requirements.


Work hall be carried out in arranged work relationships according to legal requirements. This entails workers contracts and use of temporary employment.


The company shall support the employees’ rights to form workers unions according to their own election and collective bargaining. Union representatives shall not be discriminated or prevented in carrying out their union responsibilities.


No form off forced labour, slave labour or unwilling labour shall be enforced. Workers shall not give up identity papers and can terminate the employment after reasonable notice according to legal requirements.


The company will not be part of or allow physical punishment, physical disciplinary

actions or physical force of their workers. The company shall not be part of or allow mental punishment or other mental abuse of the workers. Mental abuse can entail but is not limited to verbal threats, harassment or bullying. Disciplinary actions shall be done in accordance with company procedures in an orderly fashion.


The company`s employment practices shall give all workers and applicants similar possibilities. The employment shall be based on the applicants ability to perform the tasks and not on personal non-job-related characteristics or beliefs. Personal non-job-related characteristics or beliefs can entail, but is not limited to; sex, sexual orientation, beliefs, appearance, race or illness. In regards to diseases that may affect food safety the national guideline in Norway is followed.


The company shall follow legal requirements and give employees a safe and healthy work environment. This entails, but is not limited to; workers health and safety, cleanliness, fire safety, protective measures and electrical, mechanical and structural safety.


The company shall work actively towards a sustainable production by adhering to legal requirements and implementing improvement measures were possible. Sustainability entails working to meet today’s user demands without limiting the possibilities for future generations. Examples of sustainability can be recycling, renewable energy sources and protecting the natural resources for future generations.


The company shall work to contribute to a healthy local environment and prevent environment pollution.